Museum of Other Realities

A 3D virtual event platform used by clients such as HTC, Verizon Media, National Film Board of Canada, Cannes Film Festival, Tribeca Festival, and more.

Web Development, Product Management
Web App
Museum of Other Realities

About the Project

The Museum of Other Realities started as an immersive multiplayer art showcase in VR, a place to connect, share, and experience virtual reality art with others. Over time, it became clear that the tech built for this would also be useful to companies looking to host virtual events and display content spatially, especially during the COVID 19 lockdowns. These are a few features that helped transform it into a 3D virtual event platform used by clients such as HTC, Verizon Media, National Film Board of Canada, Cannes Film Festival, Tribeca Festival, and more:

  • The platform offers the ability to create dynamic virtual environments that shift and evolve in real-time. This feature allows clients to host events in visually stunning and immersive venues, providing attendees with a captivating and engaging experience.
  • The MOR seamlessly supports a wide range of media types, including 2D/360 video screenings and full 3D installations. This flexibility allows clients to curate and showcase diverse multimedia content within the virtual venues. It enables the presentation of captivating visuals and immersive audio experiences, enhancing the overall engagement and impact of the event.
  • The MOR was designed to foster social interactions within the virtual space. The platform offers multiplayer capabilities, voice chat, and avatar customization. These features enable attendees to explore exhibits together, engage in real-time conversations, and personalize their virtual presence. This social and interactive aspect enhances the sense of community and facilitates meaningful connections among participants.
  • The MOR allows for effortless navigation through virtual rooms and exhibits. Attendees can move freely within the virtual environment, individually or as a group. Visitors have intuitive controls that enable easy exploration, enhancing the user experience and encouraging attendees to discover different exhibits and engage with the content at their own pace.

What I Did

  • Developed a user-friendly web client portal and presentation builder using Javascript and NodeJS, enabling clients to showcase engaging content during events, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.
  • Implemented secure email authentication and multi-tenancy for data privacy and security.
  • Utilized AWS for efficient file storage and seamless conversion of PDF files into presentation slides.
  • Created REST APIs to supply data to the Unity Application and scaled to thousands of users.
  • Developed an event ticketing system and backend for efficient ticket management and access control.
  • Built an interactive video preview web-app for users to participate in virtual events without a separate PC application.
  • Collaborated with a team to capture and convert video footage with depth data into 3D data in Unity.
  • Designed and developed the marketing website and landing pages with Webflow and custom JS.
  • Deployed mobile app builds on iOS.
  • Produced detailed product documentation and provided technical support to clients.
  • Captured visuals and worked with the Unity Developers to create a full-fledged camera system for capturing image and video content from within the app.

Museum of Other Realities

Tech Stack

  • Javascript
  • Unity
  • NodeJS
  • Task Queues
  • File Processing/Conversion
  • AWS
  • C#