An open-source UI framework for Unity's UI Toolkit

Software Development
UI Framework

About the Project

ZoboUI began as an attempt to adapt the functionalities of Tailwind CSS for Unity's UI Toolkit. My initial experiments made realize that adapting Tailwind directly to Unity would either result in a significantly limited version or necessitate extensive custom workarounds to mimic HTML and CSS capabilities. I also wanted to make sure developers wouldn't have to verify that every Tailwind feature works as expected in Unity when looking through the documentation. Learn more about the technical decisions made here.

What I Did

  • Built custom USS class generators in C#
  • Forked an existing CSS stylesheet parser and created conversion methods to fill in gaps between CSS and USS.
  • Implemented the Purging system that searches through a Unity project to find used classes and only including those in the final USS file.
  • Created custom Unity Editor inspectors and Property Drawers to allow customization.
  • Implemented a test suite with NUnit and Unity Test Framework

Tech Stack

  • C#
  • Unity
  • UXML and USS